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Hill End and Tambaroora District Pioneer Register (listing settlers and families in the district up to 1920)

From: Lorraine Purcell Date: Wednesday, 9 February 2005 8:48 PM Greetings to all those with an interest in the Hill End and Tambaroora Pioneer Register. This is not a project that has fallen into a hole (or a disused mine shaft!) but through the hard work of a small band of volunteers we are happy to announce that we are much closer to finalization than we were 12 months ago. It has been a long time in the making however we are well on the way. The majority of the data has been entered and we are now going through the consolidation of multiple entries and checking the entries against your submissions. Once this is done it will all be formatted into one document....then the printing process etc etc etc. At this stage we have around 250 contributors and this covers approximately 450 family entries, so you can appreciate that it is a fairly major undertaking. We have around 150 interested people on our email mailing list alone! It has been interesting tho note that we are still receiving "late" entries 12 months after the closing date, and in an effort to make sure we get as much information for this volume they will all be included. We appreciate the interest that has been shown by all the contributors and it has been gratifying to be part of the project. We have managed to "connect" contributors researching the same families and hopefully there will be a mutually beneficial "swapping" of information. If there have been any changes in your contact details (snail mail, telephone or email) since making your submissions please contact us so we can update our database. Attached is a handout about the next "Hill End Gathering" which will be held in the Sydney Botanic Gardens on Saturday 5th March. Hopefully we will have a very much "draft" copy of the register available for you to see..... We look forward to catching up with you Regards Lorraine Purcell Pioneer Register Co-ordinator. Lorraine Purcell, on behalf of the Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering.
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From: Lorraine Purcell Date: Thursday, 28 August 2003 9:34 PM Dear Roy, In return ...... I am wondering if you can publicize the following if you have a news/journal for the Family History Group. I have contacted a number of FHS groups to include it in their newsletters as so many Hill Endians ended up somewhere else! Cheers & many thanks Lorraine I am aware that many of our ancestors originally arrived and chased the lure of gold in "them there hills". They stayed a short time in the goldfields and then moved on to settle in other parts of the state, hence my cross posting to a number of mailing lists. This email is to advise all out there that a long awaited Hill End and Tambaroora District Pioneer Register (listing settlers and families in the district up to 1920) is in the process of being compiled. For many years the descendants of the early families have met in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney for an annual reunion. At the 2003 Gathering it was suggested that we should try and record for posterity, the family details of the early settlers and gold mining families who once lived in the Hill End and Tambaroora District. They were special people who managed to live and work under terrible conditions at times, far from large towns, shops or any medical help in those early days. Later, as the goldrush expanded, more people arrived, businessmen soon opened up shops and hotels and the village grew into the town we see in the old Holtermann photographs. Please contact me at for a copy of the registration form which I will return to you as a Word attachment. You may then fill it out and return it electronically to either of the addresses on the form or you may wish to print it out and return it via snail mail to the addresses which are also on the form. Closing date is 30th November 2003. Even if you have very little information about your ancestors, at least they will be recorded and their details made available for those that come after you. If you have more than two ancestors to record (and many of the families intermarried) please fill out a separate form for each family. Feel free to spread the word about the Register and pass on our contact details to other descendants. There is no charge to register your ancestors in this publication. We will, however,let you know when the book has been published as you or your family may wish to buy a copy. Don't forget to include your contact details. Lorraine Purcell, on behalf of the Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering.
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