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Laundry customs in the old country

More from the journals of my great-grandfather concerning the stories his parents told of the Old Country – Maria Glock Bauer/Bower lived 1810 – 1878: “My mother (Maria Glock), born also in Wirtemberg [sic], small town Hoeneck (High Corner) as a corner of the town was up on a rise… The Hoeneck lay at the bank of Necker River came from (Schwartswald) Black Forest and entered in the Danube River and near Ludwicksburg being the County seat or (oberamt Sat).
“Mother would tell us how they had to work while going to school and in later years when wash-day would come, they would take the clothes down to River and do the washing there to save packing the water up to their homes and mother yet had the idea or habit of washing the clothes in lukewarm water was much better than to make it hot for the first washing. Kept the clothes whiter.
“And so many at the river at same time would have big jolly times and the men folks had so many shirts, from 20 up to 50 or 100 and underwaer accoringly. Home spun and made after raising the flax, ratting scutching, and hackeling it. I heard a neighbor woman tell mother one day, while visiting, that she worked at a place or home where they had as much linen, sheets, pillow-slips, towels, underwear, etc., as to fill an ordinary bedroom. That would make a wagon load and the reason for having so many shirts or so much linen was so they not need to go wash so often. Some 3 or 4 times a year.
They could go and help men folk on the farms as the farms are mostly cut up into lots. This much linen takes lots of care or work to keep from going mouldy or turning brown yellow… " I just thought the details of everyday living were interesting. Makes these people more real.

Jan T