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An article from the Singleton Argus

In The Wrong Shop -
Most Country Newspaper offices, at one time or another, have some very curious demands made on their resources, some of a nature that would indicate the newspaper proprietors were 'universal providers' or something of that sort. On Thursday last, April 20, an elderly gentleman, who had been seeking toassuage the sun heat with liberal libations to Bacchus, rolled into the Argus Office, and after a devious passage, reached the counter. There he complacently rested, and informed the clerk 'Mine's a beer'. It took some time to make the thirsty one understand that 'Beer's off today', and then he made another zigzag for the door, asking in slightly confused words 'What was the good of a pub that ran out of beer in such weather as this? When next seen he was shaping a course that should have brought him to a more satisfactory haven, but he was later seen being steered up Bourke Street by an officer in blue to a place where he could have a needed rest in the shade.

The Singleton Argus - from files week ending 21/4/1922..