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A handsome silver medal arrived by last evenings mail to Mr. William Cooke, late H.M. 40th Regiment and father-in-law to John Lumley of the Rose Inn. The medal is attached to a series of clasps, through which passes the Waterloo riband; On the clasps are inscribed the actions on which Mr. Cooke took part viz. Toulouse, Orthes, Niville, Pyrenees, Vittoria, Salamanca, Badajoz, Ciudad, Rodigo, Busaco, Talavera and Vimiera. On one side of the medal is represented Queen Victoria on a pedestal crowning Wellington with a wreath of laurel (the duke is kneeling), the British lion crouching at the foot of the pedestal. Encircling the picture are the words “to the British Army” and at the bottom of the medal, 1793-1814.
On the other side is the bust of Queen Victoria with the words “Victoria Regina 1848” and round the edge of the medal “W. Cooke 40th Foot”. The medal has an extremely rich appearance and the workmanship is beautifully executed. Besides the above our worthy veteran has a Waterloo Medal.. Singleton Correspondent to the Maitland Mercury 28th March, 1851.