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- Messrs. J.T. Horne & Sons, Carriers, have just completed a contract for Mr. E. Lloyd Jones, late of Hambledon Hill, who recently acquired a property in the Young district. The firm was commissioned to take a load of furniture from Singleton to 'Rothsay', Wallenbeen, 18 miles from Young, as well as remove three truck loads of effects from Young to Mr. Jones Property. A two ton Republic lorry, in charge of Mr. A.J. Horne, accompanied by Mr. A. Meissner of Glendon, left Singleton on Friday, 6th August, with the load of furniture, and arrived at 'Rothsay', Wallenbeen, on the following Tuesday. The carriers were then occupied for three days in removing loads from the truck. Mr. Horne states that the roads were fairly good all the way. On the forward trip, after pitching camp at Hill End, near Bathurst, a snow storm struck and the following day the snow fell continuously, the lorry passing through deep snow all the way to Blayney. Six months ago, when Mr. Horne made a lorry trip to Bathurst, the country was as bare as the road, but on the recent trip he says there was a luxurious growth of herbage and clover, the feed in parts being as high as the fences. Wallenbeen was left on last Saturday, and Singleton was reached on Tuesday. Over 1000 miles were covered in the trip.