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Argus 10/10/1901
Richard Lamplough,commonly known as ‘Dick",wished to have his license renewed for the Terminus Hotel.According to the police,Richard’s character was without blemish.He was sound in mind and limb and attended to his religious duties with the strictest regularity.This being the case the bench granted the license with a more than ordinary seal of approval, and Richard continues to dispense the choicest of beverages as usual. It may be interesting to know that he was even dispensing as the license was being granted,for,being to busy to attend the Court himself,he was represented by Mr H Pinchin,whose persuasive powers-peripatestic,permanent and perpetual-pervade police,public,and P.M.,politely or pugilistically, pachalic or pacific as preferred.Perceiving placidly that palliation and panegyric were precluded,and presuming that permission to pump promiscuously and perpetually was preordained,Mr Pinchin, proudly yet not pedantically,perigrinated perfunctorily to the perimeter of the Police Court, his pericardium palpably palpitating.