Drake family American genealogy databases
Drake American genealogy databases.
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Drake family American genealogy databases.
If you would like to add any material that is related to the Drake family to this list, please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your entries will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

Archibald married once before, and he was a widower when he married Celia.
Corrections to current information, below, posted to website.

"Archibald married once before, and he was a widower when he married Celia. That Celia was his widow and that she is dependent on her two children for a living with what she can assist them, not having any income only what they and herself can make." Affidavitt signed by Adam Frakes or Drakes and an X mark for Frances Drake. Dated 01 November 1890 Another general affidavit by Charles R. Budlong and F.M. Weeks said basically same thing but added "her sole sufficient what she can earn herself and that of a crippled boy and another who is almost animbecile."Dated 01 November 1890 Affidavit by Elias Walts 64 and George W. Drake 57 both resident of Bolivar, Polk County states "that in relation to claim for pension that Christina first wife of 1843 or 1844 in Marion County Illinois, that our said knowledge was devised from intimate acquaintance with said Christina Drake and Archibald Drake up to the year 1839. We further state that said Christina and Archibald Drake left Ohio in 1839 and went to Illinois and that said Christina Drake died about time stated above, that Jesse Drake an older brother of affiant George W. Drake, went to Illinois and brought one of the children, a girl, the daughter of said Christina Drake and Archibald Drake to Ohio and was raised by the mother of said George W. Drake affiant herein." Dated 25 August 1891. COULD THIS BE THE CATHERINE DRAKE THAT WAS 8 YEARS OLD IN 1850? Affidavit by George W. Drake resident of Bolivar, Polk County, MO and Jacob Drake 65 resident of Benton Township, post office address Halfway Polk County, MO. " We are brothers of Archibald Drake the deceased soldier. We know of our own personal knowledge that his first wife had been dead near 50 years, we also know that he married again Celia Swift 40 years ago and that she is his legal widow. We also know that he left - no children by his first wife under 16 years of age at the time of his death and that she is not possessed of real estate and hardly enough household goods to supply her want and that she is dependent on her own labor for her living." Dated 30 May 1891. Affidavit of Matthew Hartman 50 Carthage, stated that "I know of my own knowledge that the claimant has not married since the death of her husband January 18, 1883, and that she is his lawful widow. I further know that she is very poor and has no income except as she earns it herself. Her health is not good." Dated 16 June 1891

14. Pension Certificate stating she is entitled to a pension under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890 at the rate of Eight dollars per month, to commence on the ninth day of September 1890 and to continue during her widowhood. Document is stamped with a notation that the pension is increased to $12.00 per month from April 19, 1908 by act of that date.

15. Celia died April 15, 1914. Her residence was 902 E. Chestnut Street, Carthage, MO. I'm not sure if she died there, but that was where her pension checks were sent.

16. Remaining documents pertain to the request for reimbursement for medical and funeral expenses. A Mrs. Frances McCulloch of Duenweg, Missouri submitted these documents. Frances McCulloch states that she is Celia's daughter. (FRANCES WAS OMA'S AUNT. MUST HAVE BEEN BORN AFTER ARCHIBALD CAME HOME FROM THE CIVIL WAR. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND THEM ON ANY CENSUS AFTER 1860. - should be deleted from the web site information as she is on the 1880 census as Plina F., born 1861)