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If you would like your Drake family genealogy databases/lineage added to this list - please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your enquiry will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.
Time Frame
Location / Area
Drake m Tait
UK? and OH ,IN, MI , TN - USA
3 generatons
& enquiry
William Gregory
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Drakes A-Z
various dates
various counties
in USA
individuals from
Barbs files
Barb Marshall
Abijah Drake
1735 - 1949
3 generations lineage
updated 6/2004
Abraham Drake
1685 - 1930
- Newton,NJ - USA
6 generation lineage
Abraham Drake
Abraham DRAKE b 1751 NJ died 23 Dec 1805 aged 54 years and Desire (?)DRAKE b 1753 died 30 Jan 1812 aged 59 years (dates are taken from
tombstone inscriptions in May's Lick Cemetery. Lineage and history included in this database.
Monette Sutherland
267 KB
Addalasky Drake
Addalasky Drake married Cynthia "Sintha" Main July 3, 1888. I also have Elmer Drake and his son Alvie Drake. But the WW1 photo I have of an ALvin Drake I can't seem to connect to this family. Perhaps he is a cousin to Elmer. They are from Pike county and Scott county ILlinois.
Carol Walsh.
Adelbert W. Drake
was a foreman at the Huntley Manufacturing Company plant in Brocton. He lived at 209 Robin Street, Dunkirk, NY. He had lived in Dunkirk the last 25 years of his life. Adelbert was a veteran of World War I and was a member of the American Legion Post 62 and the Dunkirk Lake Side club. !DEATH Drake, Adelbert W.;2 Sep 1960;DEO 3 Sep 1960.
David Bolling
Albrittain Drake
was born 1755 in Edgecombe, North Carolina. He died 04 Nov 1835 in Long Creek, Muhlenberg, Kentucky.
Alpheus B. Drake
Born 1843 - The Drake Family that I am a descendant of was, for the most part, from Greensboro, Alabama. He married Lucy Walton in Perry County, Alabama. They had two sons: William (Dec 1868-1937) and Alpheus. I would appreciate any additional info, and will help in any way possible.
Annie G Drake
Herndon, GA - USA
3 generation lineage
Joyce K Stimson
ARCHIBALD DRAKE was born Jan 9/10, 1776 in Virginia. He married RHODA LACY also born in Va in 1783. They moved to Vinton County Area in Ohio after their marriage in Va about 1804. Family tradiion states she rode a horse and Archibald walked Beside her and led a cow carrying all their worldly possessions.
updated 4/2001 Dennis L Drake
Archibald Drake
We are brothers of Archibald Drake the deceased soldier. We know of our own personal knowledge that his first wife had been dead near 50 years, we also know that he married again Celia Swift 40 years ago and that she is his legal widow.
Marcia Goswick
Arthur Ray Drake
married Ella Mary Kivell 1926, daughter of Alfred Kivell and Ella Wood. She was born 02 July 1903, and died 09 April 1977. 3 generation lineage.
Tony Cairns
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Babe Drake
I have an unusual situation. My father was a Drake and my mother also had surname of Drake. This is in the Central Texas area. Around Belton, Temple, Waco area. LINEAGE INCLUDED
Barbara Drake
Ohio,Pennsylvania - USA
2 generations lineage
Sheri Nye
Benjamin Drake
1775 - 1888
Arkansas, Missouri ,
Pennsylvania,Tennessee - USA
4 generations lineage
Jerri McCoy website
Benjamin Drake
1820 - 1970
New York , Wisconsin
3 generations
lineage & history
David Maas
Benjamin Drake
6 generations lineage
Mike Parsons
Benjamin Drake
MO,KS and CA - USA
6 generations lineage
Larsen Drake
Benjamin Drake
Jersey Is ?
8 generations lineage
Benjamin Drake
before 1775
3 generations lineage
Francie Lane
Benjamin Drake
Jacks Web pages
Jack Drake website
Benjamin Drake
c 1676
Family is descended from the youngest son of Thomas Drakeand Jane Holbrook of Weymouth MA (Thomas from Devon).
Benjamin (bn. c. 1676) married Sarah Pool.
(Revised/corrected Nov. 25, 2004)
Benjamin John Drake
Goshen, Orange Co, NY - USA
2 generation detailed lineage and notes
Benjamin Wesley Drake
I am looking into a family line of Drake's from New Jersey and Pam thought you might have something that might help. I am really looking for Benjamin Wesley Drake and he married Jane (Jenny) Lawrance. They had one child that I know of: Cora born 15 Oct 1883. She was my great grandmother. She married Joseph Golden. There seemed to be alot of Drakes marrying Goldens.
Anne Druger
Braxton Drake
See if any of this matches. Martha Patsey Greer is part of the Aquilia Greer line out of Baltimore area then Scotland. I would LOVE to match Braxton to someone.
Steve Sundahl
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Capt Frances Drake of NJ
Please put this database in your database has many new additions that I have not found anywhere else. Also has my grandfather and his twin thats not on anyones database. This could be a lot of help to someone interested in drakes in Missouri,Wisconsin, Nj.,
James Armin Drake Jr
Cecia Drake (Mrs)
a scan of the marriage certificate executed at the time of the marriage of Frances Frakes to Wm. H. McCulloch. This should clear up some of the questions
Marcia Goswick
Charles Caulk Drake
My ancestor is Charles Caulk DRAKE, son of James Madison DRAKE. Here is the addy to my website: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~famtrees/index.htm If you click on "Trees to Browse", and then click on descendants of James Madison DRAKE you will see my line. BTW, great website and I appreciate your efforts in consolidating this info! Thank you!
Lynn DRAKE (Rockcastle) website
Charles Frederick Drake
I am still seeking any information on the parents of Charles Frederick DRAKE, b. 1780, Giles/Russell Co. area of VA and Clarisa JAMES Drake, b. 1788, NC. believed to be daughter of William James.
Carolyn Settle website
b.11May1859 West Jefferson, Madison Co.,Ohio m.Fannie Aretha Beaver 30June1887. d. 21Mar1923 Columbus, Ohio. bb. Plain City, Ohio.
Bob McKinney  
Cornelius Drake
Just recently downloaded the news groups and came across your site. The attachment is my paternal grandmother's lineage to the Drake Family. I would be interested in finding more about the Drake line.
Christopher Drake
c1796 aat NY or NJ - USA. 5 generations lineage
David Maas
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David Drake
I have an unusual situation. My father was a Drake and my mother also had surname of Drake. This is in the Central Texas area. Around Belton, Temple, Waco area. LINEAGE INCLUDED
David Drake
Drake Drake lineage - I have the luxury of the family bible of William Hines Drake. my great grandfather. That fills in the names and dates of the James Madison Drake family. I have a record of Lazarus Drake's will and it lists David as his son.
updated Sept 2000
Bill Drake
David Grassett Drake
b: Goshen, Orange Co, NY, d; Chester, Orange Co, NY
Data on Drake Family (1936), by Elizabeth Horton and Nancy Bello.
The Desk of Fritz
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Eason C Drake
b. 1780 - South Carolina
m. Lovica ?. children; Lucinda S, Francis M, George A.N, George R, Eliza A Lineage of George Ransom Drake.
S Drake
Ebenezer Drake
My biggest challenge is trying to find out the lineage of EBENZER DRAKE. Limited records seem to indicate that he was named After his father, Ebenezer ( born abt 1760). Likewise, he might have been named after his Father, Ebenezer (born abt 1730). Who was named after his father, Ebenezer ( born abt 1693).
Daniel "Ducky" Drake
Edmund Drake
born about 1774 and died on 16 Nov 1842 m Sally Ann (WATSON), who was born about 1782 and died on 4 Sep 1857. They lived in Dutchess County, NY. Detailed history.
PJ Crayton
URL missing
Elijah Drake
married Susan Wheeler
Lineage of Elijah and Susan
Lester & Shelia Lee
Elizabeth Drake
c1800 - c1840
Ohio,Pennsylvania - USA
2 generation lineage
Sheri Nye
Elizabeth Drake
born 17 December 1788 in Columbia Co, NY, she married Abraham Knapp3,4 1809-1810 in Columbia Co, NY, son of Phineas Knapp and Rebecca Westfall.
Very detailed database.
Desk of Fritz
Elizabeth Ann Drake  
Elizabeth Ann Drake was the ninth child of James Drake and his wife Agnes Breckenridge. She married Reuben Keaton
Martha Matthews
Elizabeth Lovina Drake
Washington Co, OH, - USA
2 generations lineage / married George William King
Emily Drake
lived in Pennsylvania, probably Allegheny County. She was supposed to have been born there on September 3, 1827. She married on 1-1-1850 to an Isaac Prescott who came from England shortly before the marriage.
Nancy Prescott
Epaphroditus DRAKE
6 generation
Edith.M. Pimentel
Epaphroditus DRAKE
b: in Virginia d: in Hancock County, Georgia - USA
9 generation lineage including Tapp and Hendrix surnames.
Nancy Hendrix
Exum Drake  
8 generation lineage
Richard H. Elliott
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Fletcher N. Drake
Birth cir 1856, Spouse was Ida ? Son Frank Nicolas Drake born 15 Jan 1895 Tishomingo, Johnston County, Oklahoma. Detailed lineage.
Sharon Gabel
Francis Drake
1797 - 1936
VA and KY - USA
6 generation
text file
Ruthie Windsor - Mann
Francis Drake
d 1907 Boston, MA.
3 generation lineage - son was Francis Joseph Drake and Mother : Estelle Anne Jule
Francis J. Drake
Francis A Drake
c 1820
Brownsville, Ohio - USA
8 generation lineage
Joel Swink
Francis Bryant Drake
b 1806
Nash County, North Carolina - USA
very detailed lineage and history
Ashley Pollette
URL missing 03/2000
Francis Drake - Captain  
13 generation lineage
Francis Drake m Mary Walker
Eldean Kreitzer
1615 - 1687
10 generation lineage and history
Francis Drake m Mary Walker
BIG update 05/99 Sandra Paser
Francis Marion Drake
Rushville, Schuyler county, Ill - USA
Son of John Adams and Harriet J. (Oneal) Drake, grandson of Benjamin and Celia (Thayer) Drake, of Nash county, N. C., and great-grandson of James Drake, of Virginia.
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George Henry Drake
1893 - 1997
NY and NJ - USA
4 generation text file
Jeff Drake
George Washington Drake M
y great-grandfather's brother was George Washington Drake. I've found out alot about his family. He was born 11 Sept.1844 in Monroe Co.,OH. the s/o Thomas Drake & Hannah Browning.
Pam Drake
George Washington Drake
My great great grandfather was named George Washington Drake - and I'm hoping to find some more information about him - but I don't know hardly anything about his family - parents, brothers and sisters and so forth. He was married to Mary Altathera "Allie" Buckman (1851-1926). Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
Peter Curran
George W Drake - Sr
Howard Co., MO.
Father was Charles Drake who married Mary Swearingin
Judith Weeks Ancell
George W Drake - Jr
Marion Co., MO.
Father was Joseph Drake who married Martha A. Chambers
Judith Weeks Ancell
Gladys Drake
My name is Nicole Lynn Dickenson, and I am a member of the Drake family. I would love it if my children and I could be added to the database,... we are direct descendants of Sir Francis Drake.
Nykki Houtkooper
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Hannah Drake
Connecticut - USA
Detailed history of Hannah Drake / Hoyt / Knapp families
David Phelps
Hannah Drake
born May 20, 1816, Booneville, New York. Died Feb. 27, 1881, Gibson, Iowa. Married ARAD CHANDLER Feb. 24, 1842. Children as listed:
Hattie May Drake
married Nathaniel DAVIS in Elmira, NY: Nathaniel DAVIS. Born Feb 1848. Died About 1920 in Elmira, NY. Hattie Mae DRAKE. Born Mar 1849. Died About 1918 in Elmira. UPDATED JAN 2011
Michael W. Burnett
Henry Drake
born ca 1770, possibly NJ. Married to Phoebe. Henry died on July 31, 1830/1831and is buried in Pataskala Cemetery, Lima Township, Licking County, Ohio. Phoebe died after 1838, but date and place unknown.
Rhonda Doeden
Huldah Drake
Huldah Drake - b 1902 d 1986. She married (1) WILLIE CAREY COLUMBUS CAFFEE 8 February, 1920 in Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan. She married (2) JOHN COOK 13 June, 1942 in Chesaning, Saginaw Co, Michigan.
Lineage back to John Drake who married Christina Billett 1420.
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Imla Drake
1751 Hunterdon Co., NJ d. 3 1826 Asbury, Warren Co., NJ m. Temperance McPherson b. 1750 m. ? Great lineage and history notes
Isaac Drake
1810 - 1907
Indiana, Kentucky - USA
2 generation
Barb Marshall
Isaiah Drake
Indiana - USA
3 generation detailed lineage and enquiry.
Bill Brauker
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Jacob Drake
Tennessee - USA
3 generations
Gee Gee Hughes
Jacob Drake
1779 - 1966
4 generations
James Drake
James Drake married Sophia Valentine. Good documentation and large database.
Cindy.H.M. Bray
James Drake
born about 1822.
b Georgia Territory. Married to Sarah Lela BARTLETT. Lineage included.
Reunion in September 99.
Jim Drake
James Drake
James Drake was born on Jan 1, 1784. He married Agnes Breckenridge on Sept 26, 1805. Agnes was born on Oct 30, 1786. They had 9 children, large lineage.
Martha Matthews
James John Drake
4 generations
James John Drake
Sussex Cty, NJ - USA
6 generations lineage in detail and with notes.
updated 03/99
Bill Brauker
Jeremiah Drake
NJ , PA, OH, Iowa,
Kansas, Oklahoma, California.
9 generations
detailed text file
Robert Drake
Jeremiah Clinton Drake
married Clarissa (Clara) Utley in Boonville, NY on March 25, 1852 where he was a baptist minister. Database on this lineage.
Patricia Stillwell Mims
I have been searching for info about JOEL B. DRAKE for the past several years. I have most of the info from 1840 forward, but have been unable to learn who his parents and siblings were. I will give you the info I have:
Detailed information enclosed.
Barbara S. Stevenson  
John Drake ( Rev )
I am a descendant of Rev. John Drake, son of Capt. Francis Drake. Rev. John Drake and his wife, Rebecca Trotter, actually had three children: Isaac, Benjamin and Joseph.
Claudia Manning-Floyd
John Drake
There are questions about the work done on the family line prior to Thomas Drake ca 1635 ? 1692 and Jane Holbrook. This line descends through their son Benjamin and Sarah Pool. If you are related I would love to hear from you.
John Drake
NJ - USA .
2 generations
text file
Mark Cox
John Drake
1794 - 1997
Virginia - USA
3 generations
detailed text file
Margaret Driskill
John Drake
2 generations
text file
Larry Tesler
John Drake
8 generations
Hazel Drake Williams
John Drake
? 1946
3 generations
and enquiry
Benjamin Zitomer
John Drake
Huntsville, AL, MS, - USA
5 generations Lineage
Molly Pere
John Drake
Orange Co, N.C - USA
John m Rachel Baldwin: 3 generations Lineage
Sherry Kirk
John Drake
Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut - USA
3 generations lineage - Drake/Hoyt
David Phelps
John Drake
c 1785 - 1868
I have been able to find John & Mary Drake in the Indiana 1850 Census with John's birthplace listed as MY, my assumption is Maryland. Any help in finding additional information would be appreciated. 4 generation lineage.
Descendants of John Drake; John Drake 1695 - m Margaret Weldon - 10 generation lineage of this Drake family.
William F. Drake
John Drake - Reverend
9 generations Lineage
Richard & Valerie Prell
John Drake
was born 26 May 1786 in North Carolina. He died 1863. Parents were Ruth Collins and Albrittain Drake. Children; Alexander Little, Elizabeth Margaret, Mary Amanda, Nicholas McLaughlin, Sarah Drake.
URL missing
John Drake
( captain )
1748 - 1999
9 generation direct descendancy of Capt. John Drake and Jane Neely of Madison Co., Al
Louise Thedford website
John Clark Drake
born 15 Mar 1835. On 22 July 1855 John married Mary Louise (PROSEUS) . She had been born on 12 Nov 1839 to Henry & Miriam (CLARK) PROSEUS . Detailed history.
PJ Crayton
URL missing 03/2000
John Henry Drake
He was the son of George F. Drake of Effingham, NH and Mary Ann Estelle Davis of Effingham.
Constance L. Frazier
John Henry Drake
New York - USA
6 generation lineage, John Henry's parents are unknown.
updated 10/98
Donald S.Drake
John S Drake
born on 3 Oct 1880 in Jefferson Twp, Clinton Co., OH. Son - Samuel C. DRAKE was born in 1845 in Pleasant Twp, Brown Co., OH. He was married 1st to SalIE E. DAVIS, married 2nd to Hannah M. HOLLADAY about 1880.
Mark Cox
John W Drake
Children of JOHN DRAKE and MARY (DRAKE) are: i. BIDDIE DRAKE, b. Feb 1876, Tennessee; d. Jul 8, 1946, San Angelo, Tom Green Co, TX; m. THOMAS FOSTER HURN, Mar 12, 1899, Lipan, Hood Co, TX;
Herbert Hurn
Following children are Samuel, Mary, Jacob,William Joseph, David. Joseph Drake married Sarah Carson children David,Sarah,Catheran,John,Elizabeth Catheran married David Willits.
Detailed lineage enclosed.
Sarha Weland  
Joseph Drake
Grandson William Drake b. Before 1744, Franklin, VA, m. Mary Watts, b. Abt 1736, Virginia, d. Abt 1810, Kentucky. William died 3/26/1792, Franklin, VA.
Lester & Shelia Lee website
Joseph Drake
1746 - 1992
Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania - USA
6 generations
text file
Joseph Lawrence Drake
Blue Ridge, Texas - USA
Melissa Tyson's webpages
Melissa Tyson website
Josiah Drake
mainly Alabama and
Georgia - USA
4 generations
Shane Carroll
Josiah Drake
5 generation lineage of the descendents of Josiah Drake. Son Gideon DRAKE, Sr. b: October 03, 1800 in Mason County, Kentucky d: February 05, 1895 in Decatur County, Indiana
Katie (Blackmore) Gudgel
Josiah Drake
b: 1750 married Antje Jansenn. Detailed 3 generation lineage. Would appreciate any help filling in the missing info on the various lines. I am from William & Catherine's son John Rodman Drake's line.
Julius Nichols Drake
B: 1833 GA - D: 1921, Tyler Co., TX - 3 generation detailed lineage of the descendents of Julius Nichols Drake and (1) Elizabeth Cravey and (2) (Mrs.) Martha Bullock Huffman
NaRetha Drake South
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Laura Drake - Slave owning Drakes
(father Cornelius Drake and mother Nancy Burns Drake) of Athens, GA. We are an African_American family with African, Anglo Saxon and Native American blood.
Franklin Farmer
Lorenzo Dow Drake
1851 >
Nashville,TN area - USA
enquiry and lineage
George M Drake
Lucretia Drake
? - 1956
3 generations
text file
Peggy website
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Marian Drake
born 20 June 1790 in New Jersey (most likely). She went to Ohio with the Hutchens family. Reason unknown to me. Later lived with a family named Opdyke in Bellbrooke, Greene, Ohio. She married William Dickensheets They had 9 children - which are listed
Martin Drake
c1840 >
Indiana - USA
2 generations
text file
Melissa Ward
URL missing
was born Abt. 1760, and died Aft. 1798 in Montgomery County, Virginia. He married Jane ??? Abt. 1774. She was born Abt. 1760, and died Bef. 1824. 5 generation very detailed lineage and history.
Flo Cox  
Morris H Drake
born Feb 1805 and died 25 Apr 1887 in Dutchess County, NY. He married Sarah (HARIET), who had been born 14 Mar 1812 and died 1 Apr 1886. Detailed history.
PJ Crayton
URL missing 03/2000
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Nahum Humes Drake
Indiana - USA
married Carolyn Woods b 1838 Avon, Fulton, IL
Carole Rohrings
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Oliver Drake
My Great Grandmother Lula Fern Moody, I have been told, is a great-great grandchild of Oliver Drake and Phebe Codding of Taunton, Mass. Please post our information on your site. If anyone has any other information about Phoebe Codding Drake and Davis Moody's children, I would appreciate the information.
Rebecca Caranna
Osborne Drake
Looking for info. on Osborne Drake, my g-g-grandfather. Nebraska City, NE 1865 census shows him (age 35, place of birth: VA); wife Lizzie (Fox) (age 23, place of birth: Tenn.), and daughter Mary (age 1, place of birth NE.)
Debi Drake-Maurer
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Permelia Drake
1800 - Ohio/Indiana - USA
Information of Leonard and Elizabeth (Cleveland) Drake and their daughter Permelia. Detailed reference sources.
Ron Chard
Peter Drake
Canada - USA
2 generations lineage
Joyce Lindblom
Peter Drake
b: poss England. d: Springfield, Kings Co. New Brunswick, Canada.
3 generations lineage
updated 03/99
Trudy Bray
Phebe Drake
Sutton, Worcester Co., VT - USA
2 generations lineage
Sally Gustafson
Plina Francis Drake
Adam M. Frakes married Plina Francis Drake dau. of Archibald Jr. Drake and Celia Swift on 7 Dec. 1882 in Kansas when 23 years old (Plina Francis was twenty or 21 years old).
Marcia Goswick
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Rachel Drake
b 1726, d 09 Dec 1809.
David L. Beckwith
R Jack Drake
b. 1921 in Michigan, moved to New Mexico abt 1949 and founded Navajo Missions there. Biography.
Judy Drake
Reuben Drake
1786 >
Newburgh,NY - USA
detailed text file
Daniel Drake
Richard Drake
Virginia, Indiana - USA
3 generations lineage
Jean J. Boicourt
Richard Drake
married Penelope Bridgers. Richard was in Wilson Co Tn in 1820, (26-45 yrs of age). Richard was the son of William Drake and Zilpha Kirby
Karen Lambert
Riley Victor Drake
born Feb. 15, 1833 in Chautauqua Co., New York. Married Feb. 12, 1860 Jefferson, Marion Co., Oregon at the Johnson home. Died Oct. 17, 1905, Boyd, Wasco Co. Oregon. Father: Riley Drake Mother: Betsy Matteson (Madison). Married Sarah Jane Johnson.
Helen Lee
Robert Drake
was born 1 July, 1775 in Virginia, and died 25 April, 1840 in Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio. He married Margaret Mendenhall January 1806 in Petersburg, Jefferson County, Virginia, daughter of James Mendenhall and Agnes.
Russ Drake  
Robert Drake
1775 - 1840
VA and Ohio
2 generations
text file
Judy Dennett
Robert Drake 7 generation lineage: 1579-1667 m. ? Roberts children were Nathaniel Drake, Susanna Drake, Abraham Drake(rumored son Capt. Francis Drake, but not listed in family tree) Linda Pell  
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Samuel Drake
NJ? , PA - USA
3 generation lineage
Karen Miller
Samuel Drake
1766 ( born ) Peekskill, Westchester Co, NY
11generations lineage
Erica Puopolo
Samuel Drake
New Jersey - USA
3 generation lineage and photos. Married Catharine Sharp.
DeCody Brad Marble website
Sarah Drake
Essex, NJ - USA
5 generation detailed lineage. Update on the Lovelace family
updated 04/99 Doris Reece
Sarah Jane Drake
m George William ARNOLD II . Sarah Jane (DRAKE) was born on 18 Oct 1857 to John Clark & Mary Louise (PROSEUS) Drake . Detailed history.
PJ Crayton
URL missing 03/2000
Seth Hastings Drake
b 1805 in Clinton County, Oneida, NY & d. 1850 in Rochester, NY m. abt 1825 to Sephrona Castle. 6 generation lineage - I would like to find information going back further than Seth Hastings Drake.
Heather Falconer Drake
Simon Drake
Simon DRAKE b. abt 1795 d. bef 1840 m. Patience GREGORY m. 01 May 1817 Wake Co., NC b. abt 1800 d. aft 1840 Greene Co., IN
Large database
Alfred Drake
Stephen Drake
Looking for Stephen Drake father of Abraham Drake b. Abt. 1784 d. 11 June 1845, Pymatuming Township, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania
Very detailed lineage (PDF file)
Kay Bolduan
Stephen Drake
East Passage- Nova Scotia
Kyles webpage
Kyle Heydon website
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Thomas Drake
Thomas Drake b 1460 in Great Waltham, England m Agnes Butler. 1 Francis Drake--b 1618 2-his son George Drake b 1650 3 George's son Andrew b 1685 4-Andrew's daughter Mary Drake b 1711 married Gershom B. Lee in 1742.
Large lineage of this family.
Joeleen Lee
Thomas Drake, Jr
and PDF No 2
was born c 1758 in Virginia, and died 24 Aug 1835 in Bedford Co., Tennessee. He married (1) ELIZABETH TRUITT - He married (2) CATHERINE VAUGHAN
Large lineage of this family.
Frances Drake Allred
Thomas Drake
I have an extensive list of Drakes in my genealogy.Thomas Drake was born 16 April 1635 in Colyton, Devon, England, and died 23 September 1692 in Weymouth, Ma. He married (1) Jane Holbrook and he married (2) Millicent FordSearchable database for the names. COMPLETE HISTORY
Linda McKinley website
Thomas Drake
I can't seem to get past my 2x great-grandfather, Thomas Drake, born 1810 in MD.to unknown parents,according to the census. He married Hannah Browning on 25 Jan.1837 in Harrison Co.,OH. She was born circa 1815 in either OH. or MD.Also see: George Washington Drake
Pam Drakeupdate: Jan 2002
Thomas Drake
5 generations
Colleen Sims
Thomas Drake
before 1785
Nottaway , Va - USA
10 generations lineage
David Roby
Thomas Drake
c 1800
Orange Co., NC - USA
3 generation lineage. Thomas m Rachel Page in 1829
Dawn Watson Cabe website
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Virgil Westley Drake
b: 10 May 1896 in Kansas, married Willie Opal Nichols b: 29 Apr 1900. Virgil Westley Drake was the son of John Westley Drake.
W  back to top
Warren Wallace Drake
I am researching Warren Wallace Drake back to Sir Barnard (Bernard) Drake.I am interested in confirming this lineage and filling in the details on other family members. Any help would be most appreciated. 11 generation lineage.
Bob Drake and redrake@earthlink.net
William Drake
Are there any descendants of this proliferous man and his two wives. He and Mary Holland had nine children and he and his second wife, Mary A. Paul, had six children! I would like to correspond with as many of my distant cousins as I can, and I would love to finally break open this line! Where does he fit in with the myriad Drakes on this site? In particular, I would like to link him with Iowa Drakes in counties contiguous to his Northeast Missouri homestead and final resting place. Is he related to the distinguished former Governor of Iowa, Gen. Francis Marion Drake?
Gene Bruner
William Drake
Cheska's webpage
Cheska Wheatley website
William Drake
1832 - 1952
Tennessee, Wisconsin - USA
3 x William Drake
small text file
Jane Drake Brody
William Drake
Michigan - USA
small text file
William Drake
Missouri,Oklahoma - USA
2 generations lineage
updated 03/99
Eileen Henderson
William Drake
Franklin County, Virginia - USA
Victoria's website
Victoria L.Hobbs website
William Drake
Virginia - USA
Married in 1829 to MARTHA b: 1803 in Georgia
Mary Dorsey
William Drake
married Elizabeth Taylor?? Dutchess Co. 1700s. Son Josiah Drake (1 Jul 1750 - 20 May 1833).
Lineage details
Michael W. Burnett
William Drake
William Drake married Zilpha Kirby, son Richard Drake married Penelope Bridgers.
Detailed lineage (not including living descendants).
Karen Lambert
William Drake
William Drake of Edgefield County, South Carolina. Here is a brief outline of the stem pedigree: 1. William Drake born about 1715, in Isle of Wight Co, Virginia, died about 15 April 1768, Edgefield County South Carolina. He married Mary [------] about 1740 in Edgecombe Co, North Carolina.
Brilliant article by Charles Drake and Colleen Sims.
Charles Drake
Colleen Sims
William Henry Drake
I am trying to find ancestor info on my great, great, great grandfather whose surname was Drake.William Henry Drake was born early 1850 in NY. His mother's name was Mary. He had a sister named Elizabeth also born in NY (approx 1852). By 1857, the family is somewhere in IL, where 3 more children are born: George T (1857), Orianna, and Martha B.
T J Neff
William Jehiel Drake
New York State - USA , Canada
lineage and history
James Drake
William S Drake
William S. Drake married Rebecca Barnes on 28 Aug. 1834 - Butler Co., Ohio.Rebecca was married previously to Fenton Carter on 17 Aug. 1828 in Warren Co., Ohio. 4 generation lineage.
Dorcas Beaver
Z  back to top
Zachariah Drake
5 gen lineage and history
(Revised/corrected Nov. 25,2004)
Ken Hartke
Zephaniah Drake
Goshen, Orange Co, NY, Mongaup [Lumberland], Sullivan Co, NY
Drake / Knapp Family.
The Desk of Fritz