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Genealogy related search engines index
Add your genealogy ( and non ) links to the
How would you like to be able to look at and admire photographic family tree chart presentations of your family ancestors and descendants?
You can also post any genealogical enquiries - comments directly onto the Message Board
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American Family Immigration History Center
- Between 1892 and 1924 over 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York. Now you can research passenger records from ships that brought the Immigrants -- even see the original manifests with Passengers' names.
Ancestor Hunt
- Genealogy Search Engines including Mormon Chruch Records, Ellis Island Ship Passengers, Census Records Online, UK records and more
Ancestor Search
- Free Genealogy Family Tree Surname Search Engines
- Ancestry Search. FREE DATABASES: Dozens of search engines on this webpage. You may also view a complete list of Databases at
Common Threads
Searches available; Full Search; Search and Soundex on Surname fields only. This page is offered as a free resource to online genealogists. Copyright 1999-1997, Deb Kinneer.
Drake Family Genealogy
4 dedicated search engines; 1. Drake Individual Search, 2. Non Drake Surname Search, 3. Drake Roll Call for March 1999 Search, 4. Enquiries.
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
- Mormon Web Site. Brilliant, the best around.
Family TreeMaker Online
Family TreeMaker Online - search 325 million names. The largest and most complete online genealogy source - allows you to search Broderbund Software's Internet Family Finder + other online information
F E E F H S FrontPage
There are 10 search facilities on this page; All ten search options above use the same search engine to access the 170,000+ existing indexes of this FEEFHS Website.
GeneaLand is a new genealogy portal - Research your ancestors for free in databases - Genealogy and family history research, Query board, links, Top sites, Guides, History, Heraldry
Genealogy search engine. Millions of genealogy related web pages to search. More added all the time
Engines include; Internet FamilyFinder, Social Security Death Index, Find E-mail Addresses with WhoWhere?, Find Phone Numbers and Street Addresses with WhoWhere? and Search this website.
Genealogy Sleuth Search for your Ancestors on the Internet
- huge databases. Genealogy Sleuth Search for your Ancestors on the Internet. Family History Research Group Records Retrieval and Ancestry Research.
Search the whole Genforum website.
- The Online Genealogical Database Index contains links to all known genealogical databases searchable through the Web. It is limited to searchable databases and does NOT include links to sites devoted to a family unless a database is available for searching.
GENUKI search page
lets you you search the contents of all the GENUKI pages and more(*). So rather than just looking in the places where you expect to find the information, you can cast your net more widely.
Google Web Directory - Society > Genealogy
Heraldry on the internet
This site is designed to help you conduct heraldic research on the Internet. The owner has compiled as many links as he can find to the various sources of heraldic material available.
National Archives of Canada. Miscellaneous Immigration Index.Holds a few lists of immigrant settlers and passenger lists scattered within various collections, mostly relating to immigrants from Great Britain arriving in Canada between 1801 and 1849
New Zealand Genealogy Search Engine
Search all the on-line New Zealand passenger lists, family trees, surname interest and other genealogical resource pages at once!
Local Obituary Search Engines
This page is a resource for finding local search engines that allow keyword searches through obituaries that have been archived
London Ancestor
- Source data for the study of Genealogy and Local History in London. Free Online Content including Map's, Views of Churches, Institutions, etc, plus Documents and Newspaper Extracts
IGI Search for Ancestors; Enter at least your ancestor's first and last name and then click Search. 3 options - Ancestor search, Keyword search and Custom search. This website is undergoing tests at the moment.
Library of Virginia
14 Search Engines available including; History and Culture, Court Records, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Wills Genealogy/Biography, Land Records, Military History, Newspaper Databases and Indexes
Michigan Electronic Library
This project is sponsored by The Library of Michigan and the University of Michigan, University Library.
NAIL is a searchable database that contains information about a wide variety of NARA's holdings across the country, use to search descriptions for key words or topics, and then to retrieve digital copies of selected textual documents, photographs, maps, and sound recordings.
Go to Origin Search to search across the web
Access Origin Search, a specialist search engine which crawls the web specifically for genealogical information. Origin search currently indexes over 407 million names and uses NameX™ the most sophisticated tool for finding name spelling variants
Rootsweb - Engines
RootsWeb is really about search engines -- databases and software married together to let you search for records online. You'll find we already have enhanced search engines for the RootsWeb Surname List and the Roots Location List. 23 search engines
Quebec and Eastern Townships Genealogy Research Page
Searchable Database for Quebec and Eastern Townships. If you only enter a last name in the Surname box and leave the Given Name box empty, this search will return all entries for a given name.
- Genealogy: Search Engine and a massive list of links.
- An internet database furnished by Yates Publishing, consisting of an index to nearly 800,000 family group sheets submitted over the years to the Family Group Sheet Exchange.