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German genealogy websites and links
  • Bavaria Germany
    - Germany Gen Web
  • Black Forest Genealogy Page
  • Deutschland (Germany) FAQ
    - Adalbert Goertz's Regional German FAQs
  • Find Archives in Germany:
  • German First Names
    - Vornamen und ihre Bedeutung, die beliebtesten Vornamen in Deutschland, Namenstage, Büchershop, Links
  • German Genealogy Home Page
    - Information for German Genealogy
  • German names
    - large directory
  • German Names in America
  • German Names/Deutsche Namen, Part One: First Names
  • German Names, Part Two: Surnames (Nachnamen)
  • German First Names Lexicon (Vornamenlexikon)
  • German Telephone Directory
  • Germans to America
    - 50 volumes that are not to be trusted
  • Research outline Germany
  • Translation of First Names
  • Welcome to Genealogy in Germany
  • 18th Century Pennsylvania Dutch [German] Naming Customs