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Italian Genealogy Index
  • Genealogy Surname Boards at Italian Genealogy Online
    - This is a list of the most popular Italian Genealogy Surname Boards where you can search and post your Italian surname. General Genealogy Boards are also included when they contain a good percentage of Italian Surnames. You will also find sites that list Italian Surnames that are to be found in or originated from a particular Town and/or Region.
  • Italian Genealogy Home Page
    - D', Bringing together individuals researching their family tree. Very good site.
  • Joe's Italian Genealogy Page
    - Useful starting points for exploring your Italian heritage. Huge directory of Italian sites.
  • North West Italy E Group
    -This group is dedicated to family history research in northwestern Italy, i.e. the regions of Liguria, Piemonte (Piedmont) and Valle d'Aosta. In addition to a mailing list and message archive, this group offers a surname database, directory of related web sites, images of sample genealogical records and fun polls for its members.
  • The Italian Genealogy Homepage
    - The Italian Genealogy Homepage, The Italian Genealogy WebForum, The Italian Genealogy Chatbox. This homepage has started in April 1995 and has grown out to one of the biggest genealogy homepages on the Internet today.