Cemetery Index
Cemetery Indexes
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Cemetery Index
  • Australian Cemeteries Index
    - The purpose of this index is to provide a searchable data base for all cemetery inscriptions that have been recorded by the authors and contributors over several years. It is intended to be a useful tool for those researching their family history. The index contains details of headstones from a number of cemeteries in Australia. It initially concentrated on cemeteries in regional NSW but is now expanding Australia wide.
  • Brushy Cemetary
    - Brushy Cemetary is located 7 miles north of Sallisaw, Oklahoma in Sequoyah County.
  • Cemeteries
    - Find links to cemetery information and internet databases
  • Cemeteries Around Australia
    - Welcome, this is the place to find the last resting place of our ancestors. This list has been made with the help of a lot of people, who have cemetery indexes and are prepared to assist people by doing lookups. Please remember to give as much information as you can to make their efforts easier to help you.
  • Cemeteries, Graveyards, Burying Grounds
    - Links to resources on cemetery history and preservation
  • Cemetery Junction Directory
    - Active and retired cemeteries in the United States and Australia. Cemetery addresses, links and obituaries are available. Now with cemeteries by county.
  • Cemetery Records
    - Database contains 194396 records (25622 distinct surnames) Selected countries, states, and/or counties (as contributed)
  • Cemetery Records Online - Cemeteries and Genealogy
    - the leading genealogical resource for burial records and tombstone inscriptions.
  • Find A Grave
    - is a resource for finding the final resting places of notable people. You can search by name, location or claim to fame. Thousands of pictures of notable graves, as well...
  • Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register
    - The Cemetery Register represents the results of an ongoing project to transcribe, photograph and map the cemeteries within the Hawkesbury Region of New South Wales, Australia, and then to provide that information online.
  • Saskatchewan Cemetery Index
  • Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project:
  • Tasmanian Coastal Cemeteries - North West Coast
    - We're hoping to create a helpful and user friendly website for people researching early ancestors and arrivals on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. From 1840's onwards
  • Tombstones & Monumental Inscriptions
    The aim of this site is to provide a photographic record of the various churches, churchyards, graveyards and cemeteries for the benefit of those genealogists who live some distance away.