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Maritime Index
  • Australia, city of adelaide - save the clipper
  • Immigration and ships passenger lists research guide
    - The goal of this Guide is to help in research of immigration records and ship's passenger lists, both on-line and off-line. The emphasis is on helping those who may be new to this research, but it includes tips, links, and help that may be of interest to all.
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
    - We are a group of volunteers dedicated to making the search for our ancestors easier. We grew out of a need to find ships’ passenger lists right here, on-line.
  • KinShips: The Passenger Vessels of Your Immigrant Ancestors
    - Art prints of passenger ships that transported immigrants to new lands.
  • Ocean liner history service
    - Are you looking for information on a specific passenger ship? Did a relative of yours emigrate to America or Australia on a ship, and all you know is the vessel's name? You want to know more? I have an extensive library and research database, compiled over a period of 30 years. Give me just the name of the vessel and its approximate date, I can provide details of the ship's voyages, ports of call and key dates. Often a good starting point for tracing your family history.
  • Olive Tree's ships' passenger lists index by year
    - Genealogy and primary source documents, history
  • Passenger list of the "SS ABYSSINIA"
    - Arrival of the "Abyssinia" in New York, NY, USA on 8 Oct 1885, from Liverpool and Queenstown, with 246 passengers.
  • The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
  • Immigration and ships passenger lists research guide
  • "Royal Admiral" 1792
    - list is for researchers interested in the passengers of the 'Royal Admiral 1792 and 1800.
  • Ships Picture Research Service
    - The Ship's Pictures Research Service aims to help genealogists and historians worldwide locate pictures of ships of many rigs, periods and nationalities
  • Welcome to Firstmom's Genealogy Resources
    - Immigrant Ship Lists