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Military index
  • Access Genealogy Military Resource Center
    - A variety of information, records and links for the U.S. military researcher. Included are archives, libraries & societies, battles, biographies, casualty lists, cemeteries, court martials & executions, databases, diaries, draft records, historical reenactments, military history, mailing lists, maps, medal winners, memorials, obtaining military records, organizations, pensions, photographic images, prison camps, query forums, recommended reading, regiments and muster rolls, regimental histories and surnames.
  • American Revolutionary War Soldiers & Their Descendants
    - These pages contain the email and/or URL addresses of descendants or persons who can give you some background on the revolutionary soldier that is listed with each email address.
  • British military records
    - records available for genealogists as they research their ancestors who served in the British Army during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • Civil War Genealogy
    - This page is designed to assist in the research of genealogy information about ancestors serving in the Civil War. When I started my research, all I knew was that my great-grandfather had served four years and had been wounded twice.
  • History of the Victoria Cross
    - Britain's highest award for gallantry
  • Madras military fund index.
  • NZFPM - Memorial Roll
    This Memorial Roll commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by nearly 800 New Zealand pilots, air gunners, and navigators who flew fighter aircraft during the world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.
  • South Africa : Military/Police
    - many links