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Obituaries index
  • Gengateway
  • OKbits
    - exhaustive resource for Oklahoma obituaries
  • Obituaries Today
    - online obituary service
    - just getting started (looks promising)
  • ObitDetails
    - searchable; unknown size database
  • Free Online Obituaries
    - another page similar to mine
  • Obituaries In The United States
    - Arranged by state
  • The Obituary Daily Times
    - an online surname search for obituaries
  • Internet Obituary Network
    - limited number of obits but several good links
  • Cyndi's List of Obituary Links
    from the most popular genealogy links page
  • Goodbye!
    - chronicles mainly obits of celebrities or widely-known people
  • Obituary Record Search
    - fee-based obituary search (when all else fails, I guess)
  • The Obituary Page
    - United Kingdom
  • Seventh Day Adventist Periodical Index
    - searchable by surname
  • Funeral Homes Online
    - database of funeral homes and obituaries
  • Virtual Memorials
    - contributed memorials; search by name or surname
  • Death Notices and Guides to Burial Places of Notables
  • Personal Memorials
    - Several people have created very touching tributes to their deceased loved ones on the net. Many also have information and support for grieving parents, siblings, grandparents and others affected by a loved one's death.