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  • Ackroyd Family History Website
  • Andrews family
  • Babcock Genealogy
  • BAKER Family Home page
  • Ballentine, Huxford and collateral families, primarily of South Carolina
  • Bauer family
  • BEHAN Genealogy Queries
  • Bratzler/Schweiter/Pflaum/Schmid Family Page
  • Breadmore One-Name Study
  • Brumley Families
  • Burress Family Lines of Virgina and North Carolina
  • Butterfield Family
  • CASEBY and KEASBEY, etc
  • Castle & Malloy Families
  • DERRICOTT Genealogy
  • Donath family
  • Donegal Genealogy Resources
  • Drake family
  • Dundas Genealogy Pages
  • Durrenberger Family Genealogy Website
  • Ellwood Genealogy
  • Epsom Family History Group.
  • FARIS Family Pages
  • Flowers Family Tree
  • Froboese/Frobose family
  • Gorvett & Gorveatt Surname Worldwide!
  • Griffitts Family History and Genealogy
  • Harves Family Ties
  • Housley & Taylor Genealogy
  • Howe Family History
  • Hutchings (originally from the Sturminster Newton area of Dorset) family tree
  • JACQUES Family History
  • Jowett Variations One Name Study
  • Lennox and Harvey Families Genealogy
  • Liggins Family Tree
  • MacArthur Family Tree Project
  • Maunder, Allen's - family site
  • McCaffrey,McCorkle and Woody Family Roots
  • McLeod family genealogy
  • Mower (Moore)..Home Page
  • Munford Family
  • Norman Family Genealogy
  • Olley family throughout the world.
  • Pace Society Family History
  • Porter Research Site
  • POVEY Genealogy
  • Poyntz Family in India
  • SALT- Descendants of Laurence, of Aldbourne, Wiltshire
  • Simes family genealogy
  • Snedden, James & Maria - Australia
  • Swanborough Family Tree Project
  • Terhune Family and Ancestors
  • Uridge
    I research all occurrences of the name, as opposed to a particular pedigree.
  • Welcome to the World of M*CH*M*RE
  • Wellard family website
    : My goal with these pages is to gather and share information on the WELLARD name around the world. Many people have helped me gather this information. Also please be aware that the data offered on these pages is to help you with your research not do the research for you.
  • Windeatt - What a funny name?
  • Zolman Genealogy and Family Resources