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If you feel as though you may be able to identify any of the photos just click on that photo which will launch your email program with the photo number in the emails subject line. Add your thoughts to the message area of the email and send to Yvonne Edwards.
If you have any "mystery images" that you would like published on this site just email me and we can arrange a way of getting the images to me ( email or post).
These images of Yvonnes ancestors are related to James Daniel Hooton, saw mill at Casino, David Russell, Horn family, Tarban Creek and Leichhardt photos. If anybody can help, please contact Yvonne Edwards.
This is probably hopeless for seeing faces, but thought it might be of interest to somebody who has similar photo. My grandfather is one of the figures and it could be a saw mill at Casino, N.S.W.
david russell with dog
david russell with dog
Probably not very clear Roy. I don't know where it is.
horn-at-tarban david-russell-standing
horn at tarban
Girl on horse unknown. Gent, probably her grandfather, one of the Horn family
David Russell and unknowns-Leichhardt