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Unidentified family photographs - Drake family photos from Prince Edward Island, Canada and Boston Mass. USA
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This Drake photo collection is made up of 1 large photo album of approx 28 large and small photos and several assorted family and portrait photo's on a card stock(appros 30). This album photo's came from David Drake's dad's cousin (1st cousin once removed) Margaret Lillian (Drake) Wheatley who was born and died in Saskatchewan, Canada.
The interesting part is that her parents were John Richard Drake and Susannah Jane Drake who themselves were 2nd cousins. There have been a few photo's with names written on the back but many without and none in the photo album. Her parents families both had originated from Prince Edward Island, Canada and had moved to Saskatchewan before 1870. Many of the photo's both in the album and the loose ones are taken in studio's in P.E.I. and also in Boston Mass. USA, which is not far south across the U.S.A. border, where many of the families moved to in those years. I am hoping to identify as many photo's as possible. Of course this is a long shot but if anyone can help, you site is the only one. I have tried the Island Register web site, dedicated to the history of P.E.I., but was not able to have success. I believe they are all early 1900 vintage, some are even metal plates with the image on them so they would be much older than that. Your's truly, David Drake Vernon B.C. Canada
If you have any "unidentified Drake family photographs, Mystery photos, collection of photos" that you would like published on this site just email me and we can arrange a way of getting the images to me ( email or post)